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Pens Points: Minnesota Game Day

Pens sit atop NHL rankings. Sid #2 star of the month. Harrington's weekly recall, activated. Which NHL team will shake the November 1 curse?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Minny game day. Here is your preview of the Wild. []

Oh looky looky here: some silly birds have waddled their way to the top of the NHL rankings. [The Hockey News]

Sid was named NHL's second star for the month of October. Ho-hum. []

Marc-Andre Fleury was named NHL's third star of the week. He will open this next week against his nemesis the Wild, who he's never beaten, so that will be a good challenge for the new Flower. [Globe & Mail]

The Penguins' power play is producing at an amazing rate right now. It's still early and will probably cool off a bit, but for now it's a sight to behold. [PPG]

Chris Kunitz has taken his game to a new level, contributing in many ways and piling on points and game-winning goals. [Yohe - Trib]

All that while moms and dads were in town. Pens host the parents' weekend. Just when I decide I'm over Rob Scuderi, his pops has to tell that story of sacrifice and love for the game. []

On this week's peek at Inside Penguins Hockey, Sid is mic'ed up against the Flyers and is hilariously worked up. Sid, whatever happened with remembering to have fun? []

A chat with Blake Comeau on playing with Evgeni Malkin as well as his thoughts on shooting the puck. [PPG]

It's time for Scott Harrington's weekly drive on I-80 West ... []

... while Beau Bennett goes the other way. May this return be the one. [PPG]

Colorado is ahead of only Buffalo in possession. You would think with all those elite players they'd be better. [Fenwick Stats]

Andrew Ference was suspended for 3 games, and he didn't even think it was a penalty. [SBN]

Hurricanes GM Ron Francis is looking for trade partners. Not to be confused with dumping bad contracts. [The Hockey News]

We're talking 'bout playoffs?! Playoffs?! Which NHL teams will escape the curse of November 1? [Grantland]

This is kind of cool. AHL goalie sees a 2-0 developing, intentionally dislodges net, forcing a penalty shot that he stops. [CBS Sports]

The Flyers are made very uncomfortable by snakes, as evidenced by this hilarious Halloween prank. [YouTube]

Steve Mason would rather see a snake than his home arena. He is very unhappy with Wells Fargo Center's new lighting. []

Now that Movember is officially upon us, here's a look at what some NHL players would look like if they had mo's. It's telling when Kessel is not even remotely the most frightening look. [TSN]

Vladimir Tarasenko scores an early candidate for the goal of the year. [The Hockey News]

Really sad: an 8-year-old boy dies after being struck by a puck during a French pro league game. [The Hockey News]