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Pens Points: Winnipeg Game Day

Your daily look at news and notes surrounding the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Marianne Helm

With his immediate future secure thanks to a 4-year extension, Marc-Andre Fleury and the Pittsburgh Penguins visit the Winnipeg Jets tonight. [Yahoo Sports]

Fleury says playing for another team would be really weird, and is happy he got the vote of confidence from the new management in Pittsburgh. [PPG]

Kevin Allen has a very reasoned and well-balanced view on the Fleury extension. All things considered, it was the Pens best option. [USA Today]

Patient Scott Harrington awaits his turn and chance to play. [PPG]

Team is relaxed and confident on this long road swing. [Trib]

Three years later, who won the Jeff Carter-Jakub Voracek trade? [The Hockey News]

On the NHL numbers game and the evolution of the hockey analytics movement. [The Rolling Stone]

More about stats: is zone time or shot metrics the primary sign of good possession teams? [TSN]

Tarasenko's ridiculous goal looks even better as a flip book. Amazing. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Columbus' Jack Johnson was suspended for three games. This is like the 7th suspension in a short time. [NHL]

Why the NHL teams should never play a tired goalie. [Globe & Mail]

Sharp's injury does not look to be a quick thing, and he may be out for weeks. [The Score]

Eight Oddities of the Early Days of the NHL Draft. [Grantland]