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Simon Despres Is a Maniac, Willingly Fights Evander Kane

Simon Despres dropped the gloves with Evander Kane Thursday night in Winnipeg. You have to be a little goofy to be willing to do that.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

When Simon Despres decided to fight with Evander Kane, I didn't think it was the best idea. He held his own, but I can't say I think the results would be the same if the fight were to happen on multiple occasions.

The fight started as a result of Marc-Andre Fleury taking a shot at Mark Scheifele

Reasons why Simon Despres is a maniac:

1. Evander Kane has destroyed Matt Cooke in a fight before

2. He took his helmet off to fight Kane

Despres Kane


3. Through all of this (before getting hit pretty good), he was smiling and laughing at Evander Kane

Despres Smile 1

Despres Smile 2

Despres Smile 3

I think fighting is dumb, but a trade off of Simon Despres for Evander Kane for 5+ minutes, i will never complain about that.