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Pittsburgh Penguins Trade Rumors: Jaromir Jagr, again

The Penguins play New Jersey tonight, and the last place club might trade Jaromir Jagr, according to Jaromir Jagr. Activate #JagrWatch2k15

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Jaromir Jagr, Pittsburgh Penguin again? It's time to start dreaming, again. From Josh Yohe at the Trib:

Right wing Jaromir Jagr, now playing for the struggling New Jersey Devils, said he would be open to a trade this season.

Jagr has produced 20 points for the Devils, which is tied for the team lead. He also is a minus-13, the Devils' worst mark.

An unrestricted free agent following the season, Jagr earns $3.5 million this season.

"I have no problem with anything," Jagr said. "It's up to (Devils general manager) Lou (Lamoriello). He knows me. I know him. I've got no problem with (being traded). If he wants to move me, he will. If he doesn't, he doesn't. He knows I like it here, but it's all about whatever is best for the team."

And so begins #JagrWatch2015. The saga reached a crescendo in the summer of 2011. Jagr was coming back to the NHL after a three year self-imposed transition to Omsk of the KHL. The Penguins offered Jagr a contract, but it reportedly was for less money than offers he received from Montreal, Detroit and his eventual signing spot of Philadelphia.

Jagr's strange journey through this trip called life saw him sign with Dallas in 2012, get traded to Boston later that season (and be on a team that eliminated the Penguins from the playoffs for a second straight season) and then sign with New Jersey in 2013, where he chose to stay for 2014-15.

Could Jagr right the wrongs and close it out with Pittsburgh? Who knows if the feelings of upper Penguins management (meaning Jagr's former linemate/mentor Mario Lemieux) would be able to work business or if the bridges have burned and ships have sailed and all those other analogies.

What we do know is that Devils coach/GM/overlord Lou Lamoriello has only made 1 singular trade with the Pittsburgh Penguins in his 27 years in charge of NJ. It was a draft day deal in 1996 that saw the Pens trade up for pick #28 in the second round in exchange for 2 later second round picks, if you were curious. Pittsburgh and New Jersey even worked through an intermediary (Toronto) when NJD wanted Martin Skoula back in 2010.

In other words, unless Lamoriello changes his organizational philosophy- or unless Pittsburgh clearly has the best offer for Jagr in a big way, don't hold your breath for #JagrWatch2k15 to end any differently than every other recent year that his name has been in the rumors.