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Christian Ehrhoff, Paul Martin, and Goals Against Per 60

Taking a look at where defenseman across the league rank amongst one another in terms of Goals Against Per 60 minutes of ice time is interesting. It's even more interesting to see where Paul Martin and Christian Ehrhoff fall on this list.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Quietly dominant is a way that I would think to describe both Paul Martin and Christian Ehrhoff. It fits the way they play the game. They never do anything too flashy or fancy, are capable of contributing in the offensive zone, but mostly, they are extremely sound in their own defensive zone. It's a beautiful thing to watch.

Through approximately 25 games for almost all of the teams so far, I wanted to take a look at where defenseman who are skating top or second pairing minutes (400+ minutes of 5v5 ice time) and see where Martin and Ehrhoff fall in line, in terms of Goals Against/60. I really, really like looking at 5v5 Goals Against/60.

With defensemen of Martin and Ehrhoff's capabilities, 60 minutes can be 2 or 3 games for them.

As far as needing a cutoff for how many players I wanted to include, I just went for a round number of 25. I had a feeling both Martin and Ehrhoff would be high on the list, but they placed higher than I expected.

Martin Ehrhoff

In comparison to their own players, is it more impressive? Maybe.

Pens D-Men

Finding themselves ranked 4th and 7th across the league, respectively, is quite impressive to me. I for one am really hoping that the Penguins are able to extend the contract of Christian Ehrhoff for multiple years as soon as they are available to after January 1st.

More than that, for now, let's just hope that these trends continue for Martin and Ehrhoff.

(Data for these graphs via Hockey Analysis)