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Wednesday Pens Points: Geno Time

Malkin's year has nowhere to go but up. Ryan Miller will be the biggest name moved at the deadline. Pens injury and cap updates.

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The lights are off and the party's over, and the Pens are back on home ice in Consol, where they'll host the Canadiens tomorrow night.

Injuries are back at the forefront: updates on Martin, Letang, Bennett, Vokoun, Dupuis, Conner. [Molinari - PPG]

The home stretch of the season is going to be pretty rough. [Trib - Adamski]

Bylsma plans to put the Olympics in his rear view and focus on the future. [Collier - PPG]

Ray Shero shifts his focus back on the NHL and another attempt at a Stanley Cup. What are his plans? [Molinari - PPG]

Evgeni Malkin is angry and still decompressing, so it seems. He will talk to the media today for the first time. [Trib - Rossi]

Patrick Roy's Olympic musings from the cheap seats. Here's a thought: if he's so smart, why doesn't he try coaching team Russia next time? [Denver Post]

Crosby saw Canada win with great defensive hockey. Can the Pens aim to work off of that blueprint? [Trib - Starkey]

Olli Maatta's dream season continues and he hopes he doesn't have to wake up any time soon. [Molinari - PPG]

The NHL season resumed last night with a dream match-up of Canes at Sabres. News on Miller, Nolan, Ott. [Globe & Mail]

Ryan Miller is as good as gone from Buffalo. Whoever ends up with him will be very fortunate. [Buffalo News]

After the Canadiens, the Pens are off to Soldier Field. Check out this incredible time lapse video of its transformation to an ice rink. [NHL]

Happy birthday to Speedy Gonzales - Brian Gibbons is 26 today!