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Kris Letang out with a stroke

Penguins defenseman Kris Letang had a stroke last week and will be out of action for at least the next six weeks. More on a very scary situation here.

Justin K. Aller

Wow, this was a bombshell. Defenseman Kris Letang suffered a stroke recently and is out for at least six weeks. From the team:

Penguins defenseman Kris Letang will miss at least six weeks after having a stroke last week, it was announced today by Executive Vice President and General Manger Ray Shero.

The condition is treatable with blood thinners and at this point is not believed to be career threatening.

Further testing also revealed that Letang, 26, has had a very small hole in the wall of his heart since birth. This small defect in the wall is present in all individuals before birth but seals shut in most people. It is possible that the hole in the heart led to the stroke.

"Kris had one brief episode of dizziness and nausea last week," Shero said. "We held him out of the Los Angeles game Thursday night, and when he continued to feel ill, tests conducted in Phoenix on Saturday gave us the first indication of his condition. Further testing then was conducted when he returned to Pittsburgh, and he continued to undergo a battery of tests here this week."

Dr. Dharmesh Vyas of UPMC was on the road trip as part of his regular duties with the team and has been overseeing Letang’s care. Letang will be re-evaluated after six weeks of treatment by UPMC physicians.

Letang has been cleared to go on vacation with his family during the NHL’s Olympic break.

"I hope that by making my condition public at this time, I can help other people by encouraging them to seek medical help if they experience some of the symptoms associated with a stroke – regardless of their age or general health," Letang said. "It obviously was a shock to get the news but I’m optimistic that I can overcome this and get back on the ice."

"The most important thing right now, of course, is Kris’ health," Shero said. "We’re not thinking about hockey right now. We want to make sure he gets the best possible care and gets better. After six weeks of treatment, doctors will re-evaluate Kris."

Certainly our best goes out to Letang. Sounds like they have it diagnosed and under control for now, but a very tough and trying time. Being out at least six weeks will be a major challenge for the Penguins, but one they've already had to deal with for a while with several important injuries throughout the season.

The important thing is always long-term health, and hopefully they can treat this condition and get him back to "normal" as soon as possible for his own sake.