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Pensburgh welcomes The Confluence

A little housekeeping as we welcome a special new author

Harry How

We try to keep the focus all on the Penguins and all on hockey, but we're happy to share some big and important news, so please bear with us. We're happy to announce that The Confluence, a blog about the Penguins around since seemingly forever, will be bringing his talents to Pensburgh, joining on as an author here.

I've known Tony for a long time, and I'm sure most of our audiences have overlapped over the years and you've probably seen his stuff and Kuklas Korner and The Pensblog and have to have seen him re-tweeted a million times on twitter by anyone who follows the Pens. Tony's always been great to me, even getting me in on a tour of Consol Energy Center a few years ago while it was still under construction and I'm thrilled that he's agreed to join up with us.

We're excited to see his contributions here for you at Pensburgh as we continue to try and expand our voice and bring more seasoned, quality bloggers into the fold. Please join me in welcoming Tony and catch up on his thoughts here in his latest piece to get a taste of what to expect. We'll see how things go, you shouldn't expect any jarring changes, just a good chance to add a great guy to the staff. So be nice to him and I hope that Pensburgh will give him a warm welcome and enjoy his writing. Go Pens.