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Greetings and Salutations

What's up everyone. Thanks to Hooks and the others for the invitation to write here. I've been really impressed with how Pensburgh has ramped up their game in the last few years.

I think by the time I start collecting Social Security (which is rapidly approaching) I will have written for every major Penguins blog.

Just a short note today.

I've known Hooks for several years now. He's an alumni of the university here in Virginia my youngest son now attends. And as he mentioned, we were both invited by the Penguins to tour the CEC about 5 months before it opened, along with the other long-time Pens bloggers. I've also picked Laura's brain a while back when my son was still deciding on colleges around here.

In terms of my writing style, as a commenter alluded to in Hooks' post welcoming me, I really concentrate on being an objective and constructive blogger. If you're looking for someone that writes fluff pieces on how great Sidney Crosby is (which he is, by the way), you're gonna be disappointed. After doing this for eight years, I find that type of sports writing quite boring, to be honest.

I've reduced my writing frequency in recent years. Call it burnout, call it getting old, I'm no longer the daily preview/game thread/recap blogger. I concentrate now on the objective, opinion-based articles I mentioned previously. Plus, I've found they generate the most discussion. They won't be every day, they may not even be weekly, it'll be whenever the topic pops up in my old head.

Anyway, so I'm excited to get started here in the next few days.

Oh, and one last thing. If you follow me on Twitter at @TheConfluence (and if you don't, why the hell not?), you already know this quite well. The original lineup of Van Halen was the greatest rock band in the history of rock and roll. Because as smiling Jack Ross eloquently stated in "A Few Good Men", these are the facts of the case, and they are undisputed. If you're a Penguins fan, you've heard this every home game, in addition to several other REAL Van Halen songs: )