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March Sadness: Pensburgh Edition - The Worst Penguins Bracket

With the outbreak of non-NCAA Tournament brackets popping up all over the place, we decided to enter the foray with a bracket that will invoke bad memories, rage, and maybe even upset a few stomachs.

With the help of a some friends (notably, Adam GretzJesse Marshall, and Joe Depto), as well as crowdsourcing via Twitter, myself (Mike Darnay) and Jimmy Rixner (Hooks Orpik) decided to break down the worst Penguins of the last 20 years and take it on, March Sadness style.

Here, in all its glory, is the inaugural Pensburgh 2014 March Sadness Worst Penguins Bracket


Presenting the #1 Seeds:

  • Eric Tangradi
  • Chris Bourque
  • Steve MacIntyre
  • Josef Melichar
We anxiously await the feedback on the bracket, and also look forward to hearing suggestions of who we missed from this list and who people (probably angrily) feel should not be on the list.