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Friday Pens Points: Bad Play, Bad Bounces Derail the Train

Pens light a dumpster fire in Detroit. No supplemental discipline for Legwand or Neal. Hemsky's goal candidate for GOTY. Hobey Baker finalists announced.

I can't remember the last time I was so exasperated watching the Pens throw away the game like they did last night. It was perhaps a good one to lock away and never mention it again after we do the post mortem. Here are post-game thoughts and player and goal assessments from Meesh over at PensNation. Or, if you prefer denial, here is one for you: we can all still pretend the Pens did in fact edge the Red Wings.

Is it too much to ask to never see the Maatta-Scuderi pairing again? Please and thank you. I know a lot of what happened to Scuderi last night was unlucky, but he brought a lot of it upon himself. His lack of speed is one thing, but his lack of awareness in terms of how the plays were developing last night was unseemly. Again, 4-year deal 4 years too late.

There will be no supplemental discipline for David Legwand for his cheap, dirty spearing of Malkin. Of course not. Though come to think of it, we'll probably come out even if Neal doesn't get a hearing for cross-checking Glendening in the face. I'm avoiding having to go and enter words "Neal" and "supplemental" in the search box. [Just checked. Rossi says no hearing. $5K fine. He gets off lightly but what he did has no place in hockey.]

Ales Hemsky's trade to the Ottawa Senators probably won't be enough to push the underachieving Sens into the playoffs, but his goal against Tampa last night was probably one of the most awesome ones we've seen this season.

Ten finalists for the Hobey Baker Award were announced yesterday, among them Pens prospect Josh Archibald, who currently plays for the University of Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks.

An excellent series looking at changes in players' scoring as they age, determinants of durability, and lastly, how Corsi evolves with age.

And just because we need some laughs, here are some gifs from a hockey brawl in the Dutch league that went completely insane. A goalie tried to go into the stands as did one of the refs. Also, Cory Conacher wearing John  Scott's helmet in the penalty box was all kinds of hilarious.

Anyway, happy Friday everyone and go Badgers!!!