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Tuesday Pens Points: Let's Start a Win Streak

Pens re-call Jayson Megna from WB/S. Mike Smith injured against the Rangers, won't play tonight. Bruins streak ends. Stempniak talks about his adjustment.

Good morning one and all!

The Pens re-called forward Jayson Megna from WB/S Penguins. Um, he's the wrong guy. They're supposed to be calling up Beau Bennett. He played in two games, it's enough, bring the guy back already.

Disco is tired of all the Stanley Cup talk. I am too, if I'm honest. Instead he's probably trying to figure out how to fix our suddenly sagging possession game. Let's hope it rebounds quickly.

Turns out I'm not the only one confused about who's on third versus fourth line these days. Apparently Goc and Sutter have no idea either; they just go out and play. Sutter's looked good of late, but Goc needs to pick it up or his stay here will be of short duration.

Lee Stempniak had to make a sizable adjustment to playing alongside Kunitz and Crosby, but so far he's been the best we've seen in that role aside from Pascal Dupuis. Given Duper's contract and Stempniak's pending UFA status, this is going to be one of the bigger conundrums facing Shero in the off-season.

Tonight we have Phoenix Coyotes in town, and their backup guy was supposed to be playing anyway, but now he'll probably get more work given that Mike Smith suffered what looked to be a bad injury last night against the Rangers.

The Bruins win streak came to an end last night courtesy of the Montreal Canadiens. I pretty much only root for the Habs against two teams, and last night they delivered the goods in the shootout.

The Oilers and the Panthers joined the Sabres as being officially eliminated from playoff contention. What makes me feel for them is the fact that I remember some awful, awful Pens teams from 12-13 years ago. Let's look at what went wrong for those two teams, courtesy of Puck Prediction.

Okay, let's try to get back to winning. After posting a great record against the West earlier this season, in March the Pens lost to Hawks, Sharks and Blues. Let's at least beat the team we're supposed to beat.