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Monday Pens Points: The Winds of Trade

Trade deadline is looming, and deals are simmering. What's cooking in Shero's kitchen? Will the West engage in an arms race following St. Louis's preemptive strike? Story of deadline deals that sparked the '94 Rangers a Cup run.

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Another snowstorm, another snow day lost, but what else is new? Oh right, trade deadline is two days away. Between Oscar selfies and fake hockey insider accounts, Twitter is not a safe place these days.

Anyway, few Pens are safe from trade speculation. What is the mood around the team in that regard? [PPG - Molinari]

Advanced stats on prominent trade candidates. [TSN]

All the latest trade rumors and speculations - if we speculate, let's stay with reliable people. [TSN]

Here are all the trades executed thus far. [THN]

With a team atop the NHL standings and still not good enough to win the Cup, here is the story of the deadline deals that sparked the NY Rangers 1994 Cup run. []

in the Western conference, the teams are wearily eyeing the Blues' preemptive strike of obtaining Ryan Miller and gauging whether to engage in an arms race. [Edmonton Journal]

The Pens haven't won since February 12. Consider this a very unsettled chemistry project. Return to normalcy should help. [PPG - Molinari]

Third line is a good indicator of team's success. Blackhawks lessons. [Rant Sports]

Marian Hossa might be out for some time after last night's injury vs. the Pens. [Chicago Tribune]

Where are the Pens right now? Inside the numbers, points, and scenarios. [PPG - Molinari]

The Senators score 4 unanswered goals to beat the Canucks in the Heritage Classic. [Globe & Mail]

Now that the 2014 Stadium Series is over, what does the future hold for NHL outdoor games? [CBS Pittsburgh]

Bruins sweep season series vs. the Rangers. [THN]

Ryan Miller wins his debut with St. Louis. [Globe & Mail]

Back to the trade goings-on. As for the Kesler-to-Pens speculation, until and unless we have any new reliable reports other than the original one, TK-N has an article assessing whether it's a good idea.