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Tuesday Pens Points: Paul Martin targeting a return

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A look at the notes in and around the Pittsburgh Penguins on April Fools Day!

Kirk Irwin

In a welcome change, the Pittsburgh Penguins are getting a little healthier with the returns to practice by Joe Vitale and Paul Martin. [Post-Gazette]

Speaking of Martin, it looks like he's eyeing a return on Saturday in his home of Minnesota. [Tribune Review]

Beau Bennett isn't hurt, but he is feeling sick. Oy. [PG]

Those who can't coach, commentate. Tell us more, Edzo. [The Pensblog]

A Swiss team signs Erik Karlsson! Oh snap! [Puck Daddy]

An interesting look at a bunch of different factors all combined together to find the best possession defensemen in the league (hi, Matt Niskanen!) and some of the worst. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]

Ex-Penguins coach Michel Therrien has signed a contract extension with the Montreal Canadiens. Which is surprising, since it seemed like just a few weeks ago he was on the verge of getting chased out of town. [Eyes on the Prize]

The most sought after college free agent, defenseman Christian Folin, has chosen to sign with the Minnesota Wild. [SBN College Hockey]

The Flyers have an aging 4th line center in Vincent Lecavalier with a $4.5 million cap hit for four more years. In the words of the great Nelson Muntz, "HA-HA!" [Broad Street Hockey]

Colorado's Matt Duchene is out for 4 weeks and likely the first round of the playoffs with a knee injury. Ouch. [Mile High Hockey]

Which might mean that Colorado is in a lot of trouble. [Backhand Shelf]

Score effects, they're real and they're amazing. (Unless you're the Winnipeg Jets). [Backhand Shelf]