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Thursday Pens Points: Wings Still Streaking, Fleury Still King of Shootouts

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Fleury makes insane stop to get the extra point. Wings playoff streak continues thanks to their spectacular young forwards. Letang is back and so far, so good.

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Justin K. Aller

So the Pens beat the Red Wings in the shootout, but gave them the 1 point they needed to clinch the playoffs.

The Wings are back in the postseason for the 23rd consecutive season. That streak is older than the guys who kept it going.

I'm going to enjoy watching Tatar, Nyquist and Jurco. What a fantastic group of young European forwards.

How about that shootout, though? That save Fleury made on Alfredsson was one of the more incredible things I've seen in my life.

Kris Letang did make his gutsy comeback, and while there was quite a bit of rust on him, he also showed flashes of his old self, like when he descended down on Gustavsson from way behind the blue line with lightning speed to set up what would become Jokinen's goal. He said afterwards he felt completely normal.

Tomas Vokoun will play two of the final three regular season games for WB/S Pens, and both he and the team will keep an open mind about his situation and prospective role.

Five years on, the core of the 2009 teams is still seeking that second Cup.

The metrics behind Crosby's MVP case. It is as strong a case as anyone's ever made. He should win the Hart unanimously.

The Hawks/Habs game was a fun one. The culmination was when Peter Budaj knocked in the OT winner on himself. Ouchie.

The Vancouver Canucks wasted no time announcing changes. Yesterday they named former captain Trevor Linden as the new president of hockey operations, so how will it all work out?

Are big changes afoot for the Maple Leafs as well? Puck Prediction goes back to find root causes of their failures. They really need a wholesale attitude adjustment in Toronto while they're at it. Simply changing parts won't do.

Columbus is back in the playoffs by virtue of beating the Stars 3-1 last night in that rescheduled/replayed game. Let's root for them to do as well as possible these last few games. We'd like to see more of them.