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Pens Points Friday: Two day break

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Another off day, but the links around the Pittsburgh Penguins are fresh and hot.

Justin K. Aller

Brandon Sutter 's wingers are likely to continue changing as the Pittsburgh Penguins search for the right mix of size, speed, skill and results. [Post-Gazette]

Ryan Johansen didn't score in Game 1, but the Penguins know that he is still the best Blue Jacket on the ice. [PG]

Finally developing the Pittsburgh / Columbus rivalry. Also, keep an eye out on RJ Umberger and Nick Foligno, two injured players that practiced yesterday for the Jackets and Umberger (the pride of Plum) might be back as early as tomorrow. [PG - Notebook]

Penalty killing remains a concern for the Penguins. [Tribune Review]

Justin Bourne says what we all as Penguin fans know- no matter what happens, Sidney Crosby loses when he reacts after the whistle. [Backhand Shelf]

And, as pointed out the Penguins haven't always been the best at being smart enough not to engage. [The Pensblog]

Triple overtime game alert! What a doozy between St. Louis and Chicago. [Puck Daddy]

Joel Quenneville shows what old Barbeque Bruce Boudreau was talking about when he said "grab your [expletive] sack and go out and do something about it!" [Puck Daddy]