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Disturbing Trends, Concerning Stats, Somewhat Absent Stars: Everybody Panic!

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A look at links, news and notes around the Pittsburgh Penguins as they prepare for Game 3 of their series against the Columbus Blue Jackets

Jamie Sabau

The Pens nation is seemingly falling apart, but hey, on the bright side at least it isn't Marc-Andre Fleury 's fault! [Tribune Review]

Game 2 almost hero Brian Gibbons slapped with the dreaded "day-to-day" tag. [Post-Gazette]

A lack of playing time together is translating to a lack of cohesion for the Pens defense. [Trib]

Alright Pens fans, let's see what ya got for showing up at Game 3 in 'Lumbus. [PG]

Where it might be easier, the Pens have the 3rd highest ticket resale price, [Backhand Shelf]

Ron Cook with the lulz entitled "highly paid stars somewhat absent". [PG - Cook]

Dejan Kovacevic also joins in on the Sidney Crosby / Evgeni Malkin pile on. [Trib]

And some more stats and context about Malkin and Crosby's failure to produce. [Pens Initiative]

Pointing out more disturbing trends, if you can still stomach it. [The Pensblog]

The 'Lumbus faithful were pretty pumped up about their franchise's first playoff win ever (as well they should be). [Jackets Cannon]

Montreal is getting the brooms out. [TSN]

Chicago's Brent Seabrook will be taking a seat for the next three games for dropping the boom on David Backes. [Puck Daddy]