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Tuesday Pens Points: Another Comeback

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Scoring still coming from secondary sources. Matt Cooke goes back to his old self. Sergei Gonchar still knows what to do on a power play.

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Kirk Irwin

Hola amigos!

Good to be back. Off we go!

Pens mounted another comeback from being down 1-3 to win 4-3. Gif highlights are here for your enjoyment. Let's not do that every game, OK?

Primary scorers were quiet again, but some key points were contributed by the blueline, including the game-winning assist from the cool-as-cucumber Olli Maatta.

What to say about Brooks Orpik, who's having himself a really good series? He doesn't always score, but when he does they are series-changing goals. That last-second goal in the 2nd period saved our bacon.

The reigning Vezina winner Sergei Bobrovsky is having an up-and-down series. He started very well, making the first 25 or so saves, but faded late when peppered with shots. The recipe is simple - put bodies in front of the net and keep shooting the puck.

Pens admitted that reading mean things fans and foes wrote on Twitter and other social media in the intermission did get everyone going and provided helpful motivation and strategic tips.

Jayson Megna replaced injured Brian Gibbons in the lineup. Gibby made the trip but the status of his injured shoulder is unclear. He is officially listed as day-to-day but that could mean a number of things.

We all knew that the Matt Cooke reclamation project was going to last exactly as long as he was careful about it. Last night proved not to be the case, as his knee-on-knee hit probably ended Tyson Barrie's season (out 4-6 weeks witn an MCL injury). The hammer is about to fall on the usual suspect - rest assured he is not going to get off as lightly as Seabrook did.

Corey Crawford made 34 saves as Hawks reduced their series deficit to 2-1. This series will be going back to St. Louis, which means we have more of this and this to look forward to. Yipes.

Local TV ratings for the first weeks of the playoffs are in, and Pittsburgh leads the way. Let's keep that going.

Dallas Stars also cut the series deficit to 2-1 last night. We saw flashes of the vintage Sergei Gonchar as well, as in that guy can still run a PP like nobody's business. Here, then, is a great story of Sarge we never knew.

Have a great day everyone.