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Pensburgh Pledge Drive Results

Thanks to friends and foes alike, our pledge drive raised thousands of dollars for sick kids in need of care and support.

Jamie Sabau

For a change of pace, let's talk about something good, in fact something great. Back in January we started a charity pledge drive to benefit Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation. Our modest goal was to raise $1000 for the Foundation, which is the sole fundraising arm of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and provides financial support for medical care, clinical research, and in-hospital needs of sick children and their families.

During a stretch of regular season games and the Olympics we tallied wins, goals, assists, saves and hits down to the very last cent. Mike, Jimmy and I are thrilled to tell you that we reached our goal and then some, and this week will be sending a check for $2359.10 to the Foundation.

We are very grateful to everyone who participated in the drive and everyone who donated any amount toward this effort. Hockey fans are a charitable bunch, and their generosity was confirmed this time. Besides Pens fans far and wide, pledges and donations came in from fans of many other teams: Flyers fans, Wings fans, Yotes fans, Kings fans, Sabres fans, Sens fans, Blackhawks fans, and many others, as well as supporters of various Olympic teams and countries, as the Olympics bucket had a large number of pledges.

A huge thank you to everyone at other Pens-focused blogs and sites who helped us publicize this: The Pensblog, PensNation, PensInitiative, Faceoff Factor and many other writers, bloggers and media members who gave us a tweet or a shoutout. We also owe a huge deal of thanks to Broad Street Hockey, Winging It In Motown, Defending Big D, Die By The Blade, Jewels From The Crown, Silver Seven, Five For Howling and all other hockey blogs in the SBN galaxy for their support in making this known to their fans.

In principle, we'd like to continue our charitable efforts in future years as well, although they might be different from what we did this year. Certainly your feedback and ideas are much appreciated.

Contrary to what you may have felt after waking up this morning, today is a great day to be a hockey fan. You guys are the best!