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Friday Pens Points: It's All Fun and Games

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Maatta's great season doesn't bag him a Calder nomination. Martin is his usual steady self, while leading the SC playoffs in scoring. Columbus is an inexperienced team leaning on a few veterans such as Brandon Dubinsky.

Justin K. Aller

Joe Starkey has written an article that resonated with me. The point of the whole "sports fan" thing is to have fun, feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie. The playoffs drive us mental, but they're fun all the same.

Dan Bylsma veered from his usual stoic demeanor by criticizing his players' effort and competitiveness as well as Fleury's decision to play the puck in that fateful last minute. Still, this is nothing compared to compliments MT was doling out regularly.

Everyone knows that Nate MacKinnon is a shoe-in for the Calder Trophy, but the Pens were a little peeved that Olli Maatta wasn't named one of the finalists. Even though the winner was clear, I don't think I've ever seen this many great rookies in a season.

I have nothing but fond memories of Mark Letestu and he has only fond memories of being a Penguin. It's nice to see him find success in this league.

Here's an article from 11 years ago, which probably makes sense to re-read again. Marc-Andre Fleury was this joyous kid from Sorel-Tracy, Qc. Even to this day, after he's gone through more ups and downs that a roller-coaster, his joie de vivre remains infectious. May it always be there.

With 35 postseason games under his belt (with NYR), Brandon Dubinsky's playoff experience is crucial on the young and good Columbus team, and they are following his lead. I'd say the Rick Nash trade has been hugely beneficial for both teams.

Paul Martin leads the playoffs in scoring with 8 points (all assists). He's been our best and steadiest defenseman over the past two seasons (with a huge nod to Matt Niskanen for this season's play) and we'll have another year to figure out his future here.

A couple of reminders from last night. The Bruins edged the Red Wings, 3-2, as Tuukka Rask's GAA remains zero-point-something. Minnesota tied the Avs series at 2, while the Kings won 6-3 to stave off elimination. More good games tonight. Enjoy!