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Monday Pens Points: Game 7 It Is

Pens listless and undisciplined, fall to game 7. Blackhawks take game 5 as Toews delivers again. Portland forces game 7 in WHL playoffs.

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The Pens have set themselves up for a winner-takes-all game 7 on Tuesday night in Pittsburgh. We will get to see exactly how much fight is packed in this talented and maddening group. They will have every opportunity to move forward. If they don't, they will only have themselves to blame.

So the team lost in New York, conceding game 6 to the Rangers 3-1. Many things are at stake in game 7, including jobs to quite a few people.

Olli Maatta was ill, but ended up playing after all - was that the smartest thing?

The power-play is powerless and needs Viagra or something. Or maybe it just drinks a lot and it needs to sober up. I don't know. Click rate of 1-for-19 is unacceptable if you have the talent that the Pens have on that top unit.

I am not smart enough to figure out the Fleury enigma. He would have sunk all the German submarines. This dude again has all the pressure in the world on his shoulders.

Sidney Crosby has one shot on goal in 25+ minutes on the power play in this series. This isn't Team Canada with 20 others guys who are nearly as good. This is the team that will live or die with his production, and right now it's measly.

On the other side, Rangers veterans led the way to the win. They honestly had nothing to lose, so they played like it.

And of course, the question on everyone's lips, if they do choke this away, what sort of change - if any - will we see?

The Blackhawks won game 5 on a GWG by Jonathan Toews. I'll be in Chicago in a few days, and if Minny wins game 6 I will see playoff hockey after all. Matt Cooke sweater it is.

Portland Winterhawks staged an epic comeback in Edmonton, coming back from 3 goals down in 3rd to win game 6. It will be an awkward shared flight back to Portland.

Dion Phaneuf and Jason Spezza are both on the trading block.

John Gibson will get a start in game 5 for the Ducks. After shutting out the Kings on the road, let's see if he can do it at home.