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Wednesday Pens Points: Season Is Over. Now What?

Season ends in yet another game 7 loss at home. Many opinions as to what should happen next. Blackhwaks win game 6, make West finals.

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There was going to be only one of two outcomes last night, and it turned out to be the undesirable one. Pens lost and their season is over.

Here is Dave Molinari's recap from the PPG. Also a full recap with video highlights from Penguins Sauce. An in-depth look at game 7 from SI.

A lot of the blame will be placed on Sidney Crosby for generating so little in the playoffs compared to his regular season output. It's worth noting that last night was official game #100 for #87 since the season started in October.

PensInitiative has the first part of their season's retrospective: Who stays, who goes, and why.

David Shoalts from The Globe & Mail wrote this piece on what a game 7 win or loss would mean for the Pens. This is as impartial an analysis as it gets, and still it's pretty damning in regards to Bylsma's future.

This article from The Pensblog, The Fall on Fifth Ave., is short and it nails it. Toward the end it brings some interesting points in regards to some wider organizational problems, rather than just " the coach put the wrong players on the wrong lines".

Most pundits are speculating that Bylsma goes and Shero stays. Here's an opposing viewpoint, that it was lack of solid forward depth rather than coaching that was primarily to blame. It's on Deadspin but surprisingly I'd recommend it.

Where was this guy in the Olympics? Patrick Kane scores his 4th career playoff OT goal (Gretzky only had 3 in his career) to lead the Blackhawks back to the conference finals. Since the arrival of Toews and Kane, the Hawks are 14-0 in games 5 and 6 in series that were tied after game 4. Welp.

Bruins and Habs are going to be playing out their own game 7 drama tonight. PK Subban says he's ready. It would be huge if the Habs could pull this off.

Nothing left to do but cheer for thoe quacking Ducks. Game 6 tonight. Teemu forever.