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Friday Pens Points: Decision Day

Pens schedule a news conference for mid-day. Geno is off to Minsk. Could Crosby's agent be a candidate for the new GM?

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First up, Pens have announced a news conference for 11:30 am today. Decisions are coming. Stay tuned.

Many, many people have chimed in on the 5th consecutive playoff loss to a lower-seeded opponent. In today's edition I will list a few articles that I believe offer the most helpful insight into the problems, and potential solutions.

At the top of the list is an outstanding article from Seth Rorabaugh, The Day After. It offers excellent perspective and details that cast a different light on the things we thought we knew.

Next up, Puck Prediction has analyses on the Penguins and Bruins playoff exits. Both are well worth reading.

The second part of The PensNation roundtable is also a really great read. They look at some key players and weigh in on whether or not we'll see them again in a Pens uniform.

Today's Empty Netter Assists has all the interviews and commentary from yesterday's break-up day. It's all there.

It's true that a picture is worth a 1000 words. Our player usage chart that Mike posted yesterday is worth about a million words, easily.

One rumor that I first declared totally off-base but later considered as a real possibility is that Sidney Crosby's agent Pat Brisson might be a candidate to replace Ray Shero. It's a paid-access article, though, and again, I haven't seen it corroborated elsewhere.

Geno is off to Minsk to play for Russia at the IIHF World Championships, meaning #11 sweaters need to be made in a hurry. Geno is kind of important to the Russians. Crosby and Maatta have declined to play for Canada and Finland, respectively.

Meanwhile, over on the left coast, Ducks and Kings go the distance. If the Kings win (likely considering Doughty's top form), the Western finals will likely open on Sunday in Chicago and I'd get to see some playoff hockey. If the Ducks win, they get to host the first two games in Anaheim. #TeemuForever

After another playoff debacle, the San Jose Sharks are making some changes. All of them involve the players, while the coach and GM are safe, for now.