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Tuesday Pens Points: Brisson Won't Pursue Pens' GM Job

Ovechkin escapes serious injury. Is Shero the front runner for the Washington job? Pat Brisson is not a candidate for the Pens' position. Will the new GM rekindle Ryan Kesler talks?

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I'm back in Keystone State, so let's see what's new with our newly dysfunctional franchise.

Agent Pat Brisson said he will not pursue the Pens' GM position. He was asked by Lemieux and Burkle on his ideas and takes on the possible candidates, but he himself will not be a candidate.

This article by James Mirtle at the G&M touches on a lot of topics. Somewhere in the middle he discusses the Penguins, and his last sentence is something I worry about. While I do understand why Shero was fired, I didn't care too much for the manner in which the announcement was handled by the four guys at the top of the totem pole.

One of them in particular, Pens' President and CEO David Morehouse, is on a peculiar power grab. This guy ran political campaigns, for crying out loud, and now he'll have a say in hockey decisions? Read and scratch your head.

Is Jason Botterill the right person for the job? I hope he gets a real consideration, despite some saying that if he stays the change won't be big enough. That kind of thinking might disqualify a genuinely excellent candidate from showing what he can do.

Is it possible that Dan Bylsma will be behind the bench in Pittsburgh next season? The odds aren't very high, but it's not entirely impossible.

Back in December the Pens had a stretch of 11-1, during which many guys were injured and we played with many call-ups and, most importantly, with Pascal Dupuis. Somewhere in there could be a glimpse of the future.

Now that Shero is gone, will the new GM rekindle the Ryan Kesler trade talks? We know the Pens like him, and it's possible that Shero's inability to orchestrate that trade and having to settle for Goc and Stempniak was the last nail in his coffin.

Did Ray Shero become the front runner for the Caps' GM job? If he is hired, would he then look to install Trotz, Bylsma or Jacques Martin as his head coach? This saga is far from over, guys and gals.

Meanwhile here's another good and impartial look at real and perceived problems in Pittsburgh. It's well worth your while.

Alex Ovechkin seems to have escaped a serious injury after a scary open ice hip check at the worlds. He will stay with the team although he may not play.

Meanwhile the Geno has arrived in Minsk and will beef up their squad, so far undefeated. Just get out of there with no injury, #71.

Carey Price will miss the rest of the EC finals, and the Canadiens are pretty much cooked with Tokarski/Budaj in their goal and Lundqvist on the other side.