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(Not So) Deep Thoughts

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few thoughts I jotted down as we stay in limbo as the post-Shero era hits the two-week mark:

  • First and foremost, I have absolutely no problem whatsoever in concurring that Sidney Crosby is no longer the "Best Player in the NHL".  None.  Moreover, I don't even care who the "experts" proclaim knocked Sid off his perch, whether that be Toews, Kane, Kopitar, etc.  Don't care.  All I know is that after yet another horrible playoff performance, Sid frankly no longer deserves that honor.  But hey, maybe after the couple dozen or so scathing articles about Crosby have been written, maybe (let's hope) Sid uses it as a motivating factor.  However, as I opined the day of Game 7 vs. the Rangers, we as fans had better hope that this timid version of Sid post-injuries won't be the norm from now on.
  • There still remains a chance, albeit probably small, that Dan Bylsma will retain his job.  But if you assume for a second that it's merely a formality that Bylsma will get fired once the new GM is hired, if I'm (F)HCDB I'm one pissed off sumbitch.  He could (should?) have been looking for his next job, and probably hired already.
  • The more I think of it, the more I really think the next GM has to come from completely outside the organization.  I just don't see either Jason Botterill or Tom Fitzgerald revamping not only the roster, but more importantly, the philosophy of the organization.  To me, I would think that those Asst. GM's from other teams would have the outside perspective to really highlight the Penguins' weaknesses.
  • Whomever gets hired as GM, the prospective trades this guy is going to have to consider is mindboggling.  Outside of Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, is there realistically anyone else on this roster that can labeled as "untouchable"?  Probably Olli Maatta, but hardly anyone else.
  • The Penguins blue line is what we used to call in the military a "Charlie Foxtrot".  You're smart people, you can figure out what I'm talking about.  Not only with salary cap issues, but with Maatta possibly missing the beginning of next season, plus UFA's-to-be Matt Niskanen, Deryk Engelland and Brooks Orpik possibly on their way out, not to mention Simon Despres being an RFA, who knows how that group is going to look like when the Pens head to training camp.
  • Speaking of those UFA's, the Penguins have 11 of them currently heading into free agency.  I'm just wondering out loud if we might see some trading of their negotiating rights, a 'la Ryan Malone and Dan Hamhuis.
  • I know it's unfair, and hindsight is 20/20, but seeing Jake Muzzin doing well with the Kings is a mini punch in the gut.
  • And is it just me, or does Michal Rozsival seem to be like 67 years old by now?  Absolutely mind-blowing that he's "only" 35 even now.