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Thursday Pens Points: Everyone Contributes

To many people, Pens are Crosby and Malkin. However, Jokinen, Martin, Letang, Sutter, Gibbons have all helped the Pens come out on top last night.

Bruce Bennett

The Pens continued their winning ways at the Garden (I wasn't there so naturally they won; but my son's little league team won 17-4 so I was in on a W after all).

Here are some good observations on last night's game and here's the full recap with highlights.

The number of spears continues to grow, with Richards getting Crosby in the groin. Oof that looked painful.

New York media are calling Sid and Geno the power couple, sort of like Bill and Hilary. Kreider's return was welcome to the Rangers, but failed to spark them.

Paul Martin continues to impress. Here he is talking about finishing strong.

After Orpik went down, the Pens played the remaining 40+ minutes with 5 defensemen, who rose to the occasion. Martin's final TOI was 30:05, Letang's 27:56.

Look at this player usage chart comparing the top 9 NHL defensemen in these playoffs.

New season, new role, new Jussi. JJ has performed well for the entirety of the regular season and has had an outstanding playoff run so far.

Jokinen is tied with Toews for most GWGs (3), making him one of only 8 Pens ever to score at least 3 GWGs in a single postseason. What a job this guy is doing.

Another unheralded Penguin: Brandon Sutter. Open the NHL stats page and you will see his face at the top of one statistical category everyone bashes but also everyone always brings up when it looks bad.

Great stuff, guys. Keep it going.