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Penguins Rumors: Who will be the next Penguins GM?

A look at all the names associated with the Pittsburgh Penguins search for their next general manager.

Bruce Bennett

It's now going on three weeks since the Pittsburgh Penguins fired Ray Shero, and now some names are leaking out as to who the replacement might be. The Pens are currently the only team in the league without a GM, so presumably they will have their pick of the candidates.

Pierre McGuire

Welp, let's just get this one out of the way.

Let's just hope, as Mike Colligan alluded to last night on twitter, that the Penguins are more or less using Pierre for his encyclopedic information to vet out other candidates and bounces ideas off the wall.

McGuire has ties to Mario Lemieux, and if Pierre does anything well, it would be to sound personable and great in an interview, but we'll leave the evaluation of his actual talents (being a horrible coach in Hartford, having absolutely zero experience in NHL management since 1997 and none with this current CBA) as good enough reason besides the jokes to continue.

Paul Fenton

Fenton is the current Nashville assistant GM, which was Ray Shero's job before coming to Pittsburgh. Will Pens ownership be interested in bringing over basically what they already had- a good drafter/developer of defenseman from the David Poile tree of management that has never worked with high-end talent?

Doesn't seem like a great match, however Fenton has been a top candidate for several jobs and it seems like he will be getting a GM job sooner or later somewhere.

Julian BriseBois

As Dreger said above, it appears BriseBois is also a contender. BriseBois is close with agent Pat Brisson, who probably gave a high recommendation to Pens ownership, which really likes Brisson. Has to help BriseBois' case.

Jim Rutherford

Oof. Rutherford was pretty brutal as a GM in Carolina, though he had a tight internal budget that may have influenced a lot of his decisions. This would seem to be a pure re-tread hire and a step backwards for the Pens.

Jason Botterill

AKA, the one name you won't be seeing tweets about, because it's in-house. Botterill has been the acting GM and is prepping the team for the draft. That could be in the awkward position of not being the full-general manager for that event if the team gives the job to an outsider. Who knows what Botterill's future in Pittsburgh would be if he doesn't get the job, his special skills (and the lack of assistant GM jobs open right now) may mean that it's in his and the team's best interest to stay together for another season, but it won't be long before a new opportunity comes his way.