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Scrounging for news

It's August so not too much is going on but here's what little we could find

Jamie Sabau

Ahh the doldrums of August, deadest of all the hockey months. Let's scrounge for some links.

All Kasperi Kapanen, all the time:

  • The Pens main-site with a nice "Getting to Know You" piece, highlighted with some praise for PNC Park.. []
  • And from the twitter land, prospect expert Corey Pronman had a couple tweets about Kapanen's impressive performance at a camp. He's with Team Finland, scrimagging against USA and sounded like he had a good day. [Tweet] [Tweet]
  • A recap of the game, with this money quote by young KK: ""If I'm there it means I'm not in Pittsburgh and that's my goal, to be there, grab a spot there. I know that they're looking for good goal scorers and that's what I'm trying to do right now, score some goals and get a spot on the roster." []

This premise won't be a surprise to Pensburgh readers, but more evidence about the statistical dominance of the Paul Martin / Kris Letang pairing. [Faceoff Factor]

Penguins executive David Peart won an award for his work on the Pens Points mobile app. [Tribune Review]

What will the future hold for the Caps and Mike Green? Our bet: he plays out this season and gets paid by some random team (Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton) and is barely heard from again. [Japers Rink]

A look at season ticket perks around the league, where it seems like the Pens may be lagging behind a little. [Silver Seven Sens]

The outdoor game in California is going to be at the new 49ers stadium, but shh don't tell anyone yet. [Fear the Fin]

Oh poor Islanders. Also, not even trolling, but I think I'm the only person alive that doesn't hate the Fisherman logo. Yeah, it was ridiculous, but it had a certain '90's charm and gives me a positive association. I can't be the only person to feel this way, no? [Puck Daddy]