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Sidney Crosby AND Evgeni Malkin injured, out for beginning of camp

File this one under worse news possible. (But at least it's not serious)

Justin K. Aller

What's about the worst news you could possibly receive the day before the team goes on the ice?

How about the news that the team's two best players won't be joining their teammates due to previously unannounced injuries. Here's part of a brief statement released by the Pittsburgh Penguins today, that's basically a worst possible scenario.

Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin will be held out of the start of training camp, it was announced today by Pittsburgh Penguins Executive Vice President and General Manager Jim Rutherford.

To walk us all off the ledge, it's been announced that neither are considered serious injuries. Said coach Mike Johnston, "I don't expect any of them to be long. When the trainers and doctors inform us at this time of the year that we have to be cautious with a few people, we'll be cautious."

"There is no time frame for (their return), but I expect it to be very short."

Johnston would add that Crosby's injury isn't related to the wrist ailment that hurt him last spring, as of a hit from St. Louis Blues player Ryan Reaves (which we tracked down as this hit). Further reports have said that Crosby got hurt while on the ice two days ago, when the Pens players were informally skating at Consol on Tuesday.

Not much more has come out about Malkin, but it's hopeful that they don't expect it to be too long.

In the big scheme of things, probably no big deal. It's not like either Crosby or Malkin have too much to prove in preseason, and even though we're all curious to see who will play on what lines, the team also has 82 games and 6 months to figure that all out and see which players work best in which position.

Still, it's always alarming to find out the two best players are hurt before the first day of practice, but that is what we'll deal with this year. 2014-15 is already looking like years past and not in the good ways.