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Pensburgh welcomes Eric Bowser, has more openings

A little housekeeping as we welcome a new writer

Justin K. Aller

We don't often do housekeeping around here, but it's important every once in a while. We're happy to welcome Eric Bowser as a new writer for Pensburgh. He's a great writer and knows the sport well and I think will make a great addition to our staff here. Eric has a real mind for the game and will be having a weekly column every Sunday here, and hopefully a little more to add more perspective to the place.

Eric Bowser joined PensBurgh as a columnist in September 2014. He started his love of writing about sports as a teenager in the mid 90's writing interview questions for the Cornerstone Television show SportsWeek, which was hosted by former MLB pitcher Tom McGough and had a weekly feature during the NHL season providing team power ratings. He moved on to creating the website Pittsburgh Sports Arena, which later turned into Penguins Fan Central (PFC).

In the late 90's, PFC was featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in a groundbreaking article about the internet's place in covering sports from the fan perspective written by then PG writer Dejan Kovacevic, who oddly enough has dipped into the entrepreneur world of the internet running DK on Pittsburgh Sports and is someone Eric considers to be a friend and mentor.

Eric also wrote for In the Crease, Hockey Buzz, and Hockey's Future covering the Penguins and hockey. His favorite interview quote was with Tyler Kennedy after he was drafted by the Penguins telling him one of the players he looked up to was neighbor and former Penguins forward Rico Fata. He'll forever be thankful to long-time NHL scout Chuck Grillo for spending hours on the telephone over one summer discussing the way to scout a player on and off the ice and how a player and team should own their roles in player development. Enjoyed his time talking to former NHL head coach Kevin Constantine as they talked about player development and what it is like to manage personalities on a hockey team after a few years coaching Jaromir Jagr.

We would probably like to add another new voice or two for the season, to give our great readers as much content as possible, so if you have any interest, shoot me an email at hooksorpik at gmail and let me know why you want to do this, what past experience you have (not mandatory, but it helps) and what your Pensburgh user ID is and we'll talk from there.

Ok enough of this, let's be nice to Eric in his debut article coming up a little later today. Go Pens.