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Pittsburgh Penguins odds and ends

Things to talk about that aren't Sidney Crosby getting not-arrested.

Sidney Crosby doing something good for Canada, when he's not commiting fake crimes there
Sidney Crosby doing something good for Canada, when he's not commiting fake crimes there
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

A few things floating around this afternoon, and to get some of the Sidney Crosby non-story out of the air a little, here's a few things to think about.

This is a great Penguins season preview piece, written by a Caps fan, but it has a lot of insight and it's interesting to see the outside perspective of all the changes in the Pens off-season. Give it a view and let me know what you think, I was quite impressed. [Stars and Sticks]

Ryan Wilson has an interesting look of which goalies in the Metropolitan Division do well with close shots, and which do well with "routine" shots from range. Marc-Andre Fleury flies in the face of convention- you would think he'd do well with his athleticism from shots in tight (and he's one of the worst in the division and league) and maybe have focus issues on being consistent with long-range shots (and he's of the best in the division and league). Also interesting that Thomas Greiss, in a small sample, had very impressive numbers in stopping close-shots last season. [Hockey Buzz]

Any bit of 1991 Penguins trivia is a good thing. [The Pensblog]

Former Pens goalie (and all-around good guy) Brent Johnson weighs in on the situation with Fleury entering his contract year in PIttsburgh without an extension. [ESPN - Strang]

Is Ryan Malone bound to end up with the Rangers on a tryout deal? [Blue Line Station]

Our Tampa blog got to talk to ex-Lightning GM Jay Feaster. Worth a read if you're interested in youth hockey and the like. [Raw Charge]

Ok, and I can't resist...That time Sidney Crosby did commit a crime by stealing our friend Brian Metzer's pen. (But, of course in true Crosby fashion, he needed the pen to sign an autograph for a young fan in a wheelchair). That Sid, always causing problems.. [From the Point]