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Penguins claim Mark Arcobello off waivers

Oh look, another right handed forward

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Interesting move here, the Penguins have added a forward.

Mark Arcobello broke in with the Oilers but was moved recently to Nashville. Here's the 26 year old's career profile via the Hockey News:

Assets: Is a good playmaker and can rack up impressive point totals at lower levels. Works very hard whenever he's on the ice, and is constantly trying to improve his game.
Flaws: Is significantly below NHL standards in terms of his size (5-9, 165 pounds) and strength, so he faces a constant uphill battle to prove himself at the highest level.
Career Potential: Depth forward with a little upside.

Having seen this player a few times, I have to agree- little NHL upside. He's got good skills and has produced a ton in the AHL, but doesn't seem like a guy who can create enough at the NHL level. Not sure what the Penguins are thinking with him or where they see him fitting, but you can't beat the price.

Could this set the stage for trying out a more skilled fourth line? Craig Adams and Zach Sill have been lineup staples, but neither have been even remotely good performers this season(and there's no realistic hope for improvement) so maybe adding more of a skill element to the team could push out less talented players. Stay tuned..