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VIDEO: Evgeni Malkin, Craig Adams get in fight in practice

Earlier today, Pittsburgh Penguins forwards Craig Adams and Evgeni Malkin got in a tussle in practice that resulted in Adams bloodied.

Details are sketchy and we don't know the fallout just yet, but Evgeni Malkin and Craig Adams got into quite the scuffle this morning at Penguins practice.

WPXI has the video proof:

A few tweets for background:

Johnston weighed in, per the Pens:

Johnston, who wasn't on the ice as he had assistants Rick Tocchet and Gary Agnew ran practice. talked to the coaches about the incident but hasn't talked to the players yet. "For sure, I want to talk to the players involved," Johnston said. "I haven’t done that. I just had a chance to talk to our coaches. So anytime those things happen, you’d like to get the players together and just work it out. Usually, sometimes it’s an isolated incident, 'well, he hooked me and the guy got his stick up a little bit and I went back at him.' Or you want to make sure it’s nothing deeper than that, for sure."

We'll see if there's any lingering effects. Battle drills can get a little heated, but in January you wouldn't expect to NHL teammates who've been teammates for almost 6 years, to swing on each other. That's more training camp stuff by 2 rookies looking to make a name for themselves, and even that is frowned upon these days by teams.

Malkin, also it might need to be pointed out, missed practice yesterday for "personal reasons". Not really sure what that could be, but if some troubles are effecting him off the ice, or he's got personal things flaring up on him, perhaps that could be a cause for what made him snap or have a short fuse. Just an idea, haven't heard anything substantive about it.

Hopefully this isn't anything more than a one-time thing between brothers that will quickly forgotten. But for now, questions are going to be in the air.

Adams is wearing a protective face-guard over his jaw for warm up skate against the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight.