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Pens Points: Flyers Post-Game, Blackhawks Next

Your daily look at Pittsburgh Penguins and NHL news and stories.

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The Pens lost an OT game to the Flyers. A point is a point and normally I'd take it and move on to the next game, except there is the little issue of Kris Letang's injury of an as-yet-unknown severity. Here is my main sentiment from last night that's not about Xs and Os. As my kid and I silently sat watching thousands of people in Philadelphia high-five each other and cheer the fact a man was motionless on the ice, I was thinking: This is what being in Rome's Colosseum must have been like 2,000 years ago. All that time, all that knowledge, all the genome sequencing, all the space programs, and we as a humankind have not moved forward one bit. It was really sad and pitiful to see.

Here are several game recaps:

  • Thoughts from Pens Nation
  • Full recap with all the gifs from Penguins Sauce
  • Trib recap from Josh Yohe
  • AP recap
  • PPG recap from Dave Molinari
  • Noted meathead Zac Rinaldo was hell-bent on contributing to this game, but given absence of discernible hockey skills this was the extent of his contribution. [You Tube]

    He seemed very well pleased with himself afterward. I have no idea whether he was serious or facetious. Anyway, listen to his post-game comments and judge for yourself. [You Tube]

    He will obviously have an in-person hearing with the joke outfit that is the Department of Player Safety. Nothing less than 10 games. Letang will be lucky if he escapes a long-term injury. [The Score]

    Michael Del Zotto hit on Robert Bortuzzo was just as bad, although absence of obvious injury meant it wasn't looked at the same way. That is one of the many things wrong with the way things are. [You Tube]

    As Kevin Allen points out, Rinaldo's history, similar to Carcillo's history (having just earned his 9th suspension), should amount to a lengthy one. [USA Today]

    The only way the league can protect actual players from no-talent goons is to not employ no-talent goons. Simple as that. [CBS Sports]

    Last night's violence is a direct byproduct of the league, players' association and the DPS not doing their jobs. Excellent commentary here. I'm sure it will all fall on deaf ears. [Hockey Buzz]

    Quick turnaround tonight, as the Pens host the Blackhawks in their last game before the All Star break. Here is the scouting report on the Hawks. []

    Wayne Gretzky is a gramps, as daughter Paulina gave birth to No. 99's first grandson a few days ago. [The Hockey News]

    Q&A with Dan Rosen in which he answers whether the Isles and Preds are true contenders and whether the Pens are in actual danger of missing the playoffs. []

    If you want to divert your thoughts to something else, here is an entertaining (so to speak) look at the wild nights of an NHL team dentist: literally blood, sweat and teeth. [Bleacher Report]

    How will the continued slump of the loonie (Canadian dollar) affect not just the salary cap but the Canadian NHL teams in general? [Spector's Hockey]

    And just because we all need laughter in life, let's end laughing at attempted grand romantic gestures that ended as epic failures. The last one in the write-up involves a guy trying to give his girl a ring at last month's Rangers-Pens game at MSG. I was at that game, one section over. I didn't realize he never found the ring. [Deadspin]