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Pens Points: Cap/Bonus Updates, Letang/Malkin News, and More

Your daily look at Pittsburgh Penguins and NHL news and stories.

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pens go into the All Star break on a 0-2-2 streak. Far from great, but there will be ebbs and flows in a long season. Now let's recharge and come back fresh. [PPG]

The Pens played a very good overall game, but Toews and Kane in the shootout were too much for Fleury. [Trib]

Letang and Malkin didn't play against the Blackhawks. This was Malkin's first missed game of the season. [Trib]

Malkin will not participate in the All Star game in Columbus, although his injury does not appear to be serious or long-term. [The Score]

Our initial euphoria to see Kris Letang back for the morning skate was tempered by the news later that he indeed has a plethora of head and neck symptoms that will take time to get checked out. Rinaldo's hearing will be on Monday. [PPG]

More on Letang and Malkin, and will there be a #JagrWatch in 2015? [Hockey Buzz]

Derrick Pouliot, Scott Harrington and Andrew Ebbett were assigned back to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. [PPG]

Over in Toronto, chivalry is deader than dead. The jersey tosser wouldn't give up his own jersey, so he asked his wife for hers, and got it. If my husband ever did that, he'd be chucked to the ice instead... [CBS Sports]

... which is an excellent segway into a fun history of people throwing waffles and stuff at sporting events. Do you remember that petrified live chicken, frozen in fear, launched to the ice in LA? [Sporting News]

Here is aforementioned Craig MacTavish, ripping poor Flames mascot Harvey the Hound's tongue in the heat of Alberta Battle. [You Tube]

CHL Prospects Game is tonight and it will be important in fine-tuning the ranking of draft prospects after McDavid and Eichel, who are presumed to go #1 and #2 respectively. [Canadian Press]

Let's meet a guy who plays on the Erie Otters and is not named Connor. Dylan Strome is Otters' #2 center and OHL's #2 scorer. Sort of like a Malkin to McDavid's Crosby, Strome will make some team very happy on draft day and long thereafter. [Globe & Mail]

I have a movie recommendation. The new and fantastic documentary Red Army is a story of friendship and perseverance, but also a compact and vivid summary of recent Russian history told through their national hockey team. It won multiple awards at North American festivals and opens in a limited release soon. If you have a chance, go see it. [Sports Illustrated]

The movie centers around Red Machine's long-time captain, legendary Slava Fetisov. In the documentary, he claims that the KGB was to blame for Miracle On Ice. Not in the obviously suggestive way, but in the way that some hockey rivalries go. [Detroit Free Press]

We end with a must-read article: Mike Colligan just posted an excellent analysis of Pens cap situation going forward and how contract bonuses for prospects like Pouliot and Harrington may affect this. [The Hockey Writers]