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Patric Hornqvist may play tonight

The Pittsburgh Penguins might get some help from the injury front

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, some good news on the injury front, which is apparently allowed. Patric Hornqvist skated with the team, including on the first line and on the top power play and described himself as a "game time decision" for tonight. Hornqvist has been out since December 27th.

The rest of the lines:

In other encouraging news it looks like Kris Letang will be good to go for tonight after his injury from last week.

And, as we said yesterday, Thomas Greiss will play tonight for the Pens, who will keep Marc-Andre Fleury rested and ready for tomorrow night's game in DC against the Caps.

Also in further good news, Sidney Crosby skated with the team and early hints and indications are that he should be ready to go tomorrow night against the Caps as well. Crosby won't play tonight, since league rules mandate that players who pull out of the All-Star game have to miss a game.

About the only bad news is that it will still be a few more days (at least) until Evgeni Malkin gets back on the ice, so his absence should be the longest of anyone mentioned. However, even that might not be for a terribly long amount of time.