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Pens Points: Devils Game Day

Your daily source of Pittsburgh Penguins and NHL news and stories.

Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Good morning one and all,

The Pens are in New Jersey tonight and I'm not and that's most likely a very good thing. Penguins always lose at the Prudential Center. [PPG]

The stats have dropped and the road losses are mounting. The Pens are in a slump, but how do they get out of it? [Trib]

I can't believe we're talking about Jagr again but apparently we are. I fell for that more than once. I'm done you guys. [Hockey Buzz]

Here is your scouting report on those crusty old Devils. []

An excellent and comprehensive game preview from our friends in New Jersey. [In Lou We Trust]

Poor Sid, has to make friends with all those guys he's been at war with over the years. First Downie, now Lapierre, next thing you know Rutherford will find Jay Rosehill under some rock. [PPG]

Martin Brodeur finally retired yesterday with most games and wins in hockey history, so the GOAT debate is on again. This piece is from last year, and I'm curious to hear what side of the argument our readers fall on. [The Hockey Writers]

Jonathan Bernier let in an absolutely abysmal goal last night against the Coyotes. Oliver Ekman-Larsson burried one from 115 feet away and the Leafs suffered their 8th straight loss. [USA Today]

In honor of Bernier's harebrained moment, let's revisit some other memorable goals from center ice and beyond. [The Score]

Given Bernier's atrocious January, Leafs fans have temporarily suspended all the Reimer hate. Goalie controversies are always fun when they don't involve your team. [However, two more 4/5-goal games from Flower and we're there.] [Grantland]

Lawsuits filed against Canadian Hockey League challenge junior hockey system, seek minimum wage for players. A very good and useful read. [ESPN]

For the end here is another recommended read on balancing your blue line. Some teams say they don't worry about the righty-lefty ratio, but this is how a smart team like the Blackhawks does it. [Committed Indians]