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Pittsburgh Penguins Rumors: Craig Adams getting too aggressive?

Reports out of Penguins practice this morning that Craig Adams may have gone a little over the line with hits on Derrick Pouliot.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that Craig Adams has had a rough month. First he had to go on injured reserve - something a veteran (and ironman) never wants to have to do. Then, when he came back he got involved in a fight with star forward Evgeni Malkin after Malkin apparently hit Adams with a high stick in a battle drill last Friday at practice.

Adams is still sporting a plastic jaw-protector during games as a result of that incident.

Now today in practice it appears that Adams is playing a little too rough and one observer, the Tribune Review's Jason Mackey, noticed and said something about it on 93.7 The Fan's show with Chris Mueller:

Mackey described the tone of the Pens practice as "not any more physical than your normal practice, outside of what Craig Adams was doing. I’m not sure what the heck is going on. Not only did he dump Pouliot into the boards; it was the shoulder Pouliot had surgery on this off-season. We all know how highly regarded Derrick Pouliot is."

"Him (Adams) and Malkin have a noted history and it looked like Sidney Crosby went up to Craig Adams and said something, tapped him with his stick," said Mackey. "It just didn’t seem to be all that enjoyed by everybody else."

When asked if there’s a chance Adams could find himself scratched at times in the event the Pens find depth in other players, Mackey said that is something he could see happening.

"Yes, to answer question, I do think there is a danger in that and I would tell you the number one reason to get yourself in the dog house with Mike Johnston is to go after Derrick Pouliot. I think you could probably slash his tires before going after, mugging Derrick Pouliot."

Jesse Marshall from the Pensblog vouched for Mackey on twitter

It's fair to wonder what Adams' end game is. Second practice incident in less than a week, both involving either a star player or a prized prospect. As a 4th line player with limited usage and- quite frankly- little value, Adams is starting to sound like more of a headache and distraction for the team than he's worth. Which is very unusual and difficult to believe about a guy who has been a team leader and stabilizing force (not to mention big time NHLPA advocate).

Sounds like he needs to settle down and get his mindset right. Do less, Craig Adams.