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Derrick Pouliot and his AHL Offensive Production

Looking at offensive production from Derrick Pouliot at the AHL level, using metrics of estimated production

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The American Hockey League does not track individual player ice time. Don't ask me why, but they don't. This is problematic in terms of measuring players production levels when valued at Points/60 and similar metrics. CHLStats, an analytics based website that publishes advanced statistics for the OHL, WHL, and QMJHL is also now publishing AHL statistics. Eric Tulsky, formerly of Broad Street Hockey, now working for the Carolina Hurricaneshas done research to make up for this lack of ice time measure.

Anyways, Derrick Pouliot has been killing it in the AHL using the Estimated Points Per 60 TOI Metric.

It's a very widely shared opinion that Pouliot's work he needs is more in the defensive zone, so it's nice to see him producing offensively at such a high level. To be quite honest, with his skill set and pedigree, he should be producing at these levels.