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Crosby Slump

Crosby: No points in four games to start the season after matching a career low .364 goals per game output last season.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Sidney Crosby reached the pinnacle of his profession and childhood dreams at 21 years old by winning a Stanley Cup during the 2008-2009 season.

After the win, it was thought the sport's best talent and greatest ambassador to the game was primed to win a few more before his career would be over.

Funny how things don't always turn out the way you want them to, no matter how hard you or others try to make it happen.

Much of what Crosby could have become, we'll never know because of the concussion he suffered at the Winter Classic.

As much as Crosby's attacking style has changed, he still managed to re-establish his goal scoring in 2013-2014 but late in the season on March 23, 2014 in St. Louis, Crosby sustained a wrist injury due to a check by Ryan Reaves that he's never recovered.

The graph below shows Crosby's career goals per game.

Crosby's Goals per Game

In order to compensate for a weaker and less accurate shot, it requires Crosby to re-adjust his game again and take shots closer around the net but as you can see below, he's getting quality shots at the top of the crease but biggest difference is right in the middle of the slot has a tremendous gap.

The shot location data according to SportingCharts during last season compared to his last full season in 2009-2010, which was also prior to his Winter Classic concussion.

Crosby Shot Location Data

Crosby's shooting accuracy at ES 5on5 has taken a big dip from .144 before the injury to .091 over the last 108 games.

Before Wrist Injury Total ES 5on5
Games 617 617
Shots 2,071 1,322
SH/GM 3.356 2.143
Shooting % 0.150 0.144
High Danger Scoring Chances/GM 1.844 1.222
Goals 310 190
Goals/GM 0.502 0.308

After Wrist Injury Total ES 5on5
Games 108 108
Shots 324 220
SH/GM 3 2.037
Shooting % 0.102 0.091
High Danger Scoring Chances/GM 1.389 1.028
Goals 33 20
Goals/GM 0.306 0.185

Crosby's shot accuracy during 5on5 play has gone from 16.59% in 09-10 to 10.58% last season and his average shot distance has decreased as well from 26.24 feet to 23.2 feet.

Crosby is at his best when he's trying to force his speed and skill right down the middle of the ice. Much like this.

Crosby won't be helping himself  or his team if he's doing this...

Saturday night... we should expect this......  it is Toronto Maple Leafs after all and we all know Don Cherry is watching.