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Pens Points: Farnham Waived, Rust Out, Bennett Back

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Good morning one and all,

It's been an eventful weekend, what with an exciting OT win in Nashville, waivers, injuries, injury comebacks, and topping it all off some all-star Halloween looks. Off we go.

Bad news first. Bryan Rust sustained an injury to his hand by blocking a Seth Jones slapshot, and although the extent of the injury and the exact timeline for his absence are unknown at this time, Mike Johnston implied it's not a short-term thing. [PPG]

On the bright side, Beau Bennett is ready to return pretty much right away. He and Ferh have been practicing separately, but on Sunday he put in a full practice with the team. [PPG]

All the news and notes from yesterday's practice plus the key media comments can be found here. The team has a scheduled day off today. [PPG]

Beau Bennett is very talented, and his talents extend to finding new and creative ways to get injured - this last one happened by celebrating his goal on Carey Price. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Bobby Farnham, who appeared in 3 games this year and registered zero points and 5 PIMs has been placed on waivers. If he clears at noon, he could be sent down to Wilkes-Barre. [PPG]

Mike Johnston is still wondering aloud whether he should have challenged Nashville's lone goal on Saturday for goalie interference. I admit screaming at my TV as Fleury was lying down with someone on top of him when Neal put the puck in an open cage. [Trib]

So, the power play is not looking too hot, so can Johnston salvage this hot mess?  Johnston himself wrote a hockey strategy book in which he outlined player responsibilities in a 1-3-1 PP. [Trib]

Looks like the NHL coaches have caught up on their assigned reading, MJ. The Pens success depends on the power play, so they will need to figure this out or hire someone else who can help them there. [Trib]

Torts is in Columbus and Ryan Johansen is already sitting down. His absence is apparently illness-related, and I just read that he was hospitalized in the offseason with heart-related problems. This current illness is not believed to be connected to it. [Columbus Dispatch]

Todd Richards is gone already and Bruce Boudreau may follow soon judging from the mess in Anaheim. Uninspired Ducks were shut out for the 4th time this season, falling to the Wild 3-0. [Sportsnet]

In the weekly grab bag, Down Goes Brown showcases this week's 3 stars of comedy, plus discusses the latest outrage of the hockey world, this time related to NHL's compensation system. [Grantland]

It's Halloween season and dress-ups are all the rage in the NHL. There were some cool looks at the Pens party last night (three stars Malkin, Plotnikov and Letang - with their respective wives/girlfriends clearly stealing their thunder).

Around the NHL, three stars were Erik Karlsson as Ursula the sea witch from Little Mermaid, Seguin/Demers/Benn as 3 blind mice, and the undisputed champion TJ Oshie with this amazing thing.