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Pens Points: Fleury Wounded But Pens Come From Behind to Win

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Good morning one and all,

It was a good one last night at Consol, as we were treated to full 60 minutes of regulation hockey, 3-on-3 OT and a shootout to boot. Pens come from behind to win it for a change and pass the "measuring stick" test. If the Habs are indeed the best team in the NHL this year, Pens aren't too far off. [Sportsnet]

If you didn't have a chance to see all the goals, full recap with all the gifs can be found here. [Penguins Sauce]

Ben Lovejoy had an interesting night, to say the least. In addition to high-sticking Fleury in the face, he also temporarily took out Weise and then Gallagher with a shot attempt. Full info here. [Empty Netters]

Sidney Crosby found his form, Duper had immediate impact, Bennett didn't look out of place. The only thing stopping me from never wanting this trio separated was a great goal by Hornqvist on a setup from Crosby. I'm torn. [Sportsnet]

*A great story about Mike Condon, who suddenly found himself holding the fort for Carey Price. The Habs took their dads on this road trip, and his dad told the story of how Mike ended up in Princeton. Education first is always the right decision. [Montreal Gazette]

There was only one other game on tap last night, and it was a highly entertaining one as well. The Ducks hosted the Oilers, bomb-detonating robot dropped the puck, after a 3-3 regulation tie Teddy Purcell went backhand top-shelf for the winner. I went to bed after 1 am but it was worth it. Even without McDavid, the young Oilers are fun to watch. [Sportsnet]

*Never thought I'd ever like anything about Ryan McDonagh, but he loves his Frenchie Franny and that's OK with me. Another good piece here. [The Players' Tribune]

The Pens play John Tortorella and the Blue Jackets next, and here is a story of Tortorella's son Nick, a member of the U.S. Army's 75th Ranger Regiment. [Blue Jackets]

Detroit Red Wings and Justin Abdelkader are closing in on a 7-year, $28-million extension. Good idea or bad idea? Discuss. [Detroit Free Press]

The only conversation more annoying than "what's wrong with Sidney Crosby" is "how to increase scoring". Bigger nets, smaller goalie equipment, and if so, which equipment would you scale down? [Sportsnet]

I was watching the Ducks and Oilers, but apparently Jimmy Fallon was shooting pumpkin pies at Henrik Lundqvist last night on Tonight Show. [YouTube]

P.S. I'm updating this not to bring you hockey news, but to post a link to the fanpost I just wrote. A few weeks ago was the first anniversary of the passing of one of our first members, Outcast. I wrote a remembrance. [Pensburgh]