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Pens Points: It's a Dubinsky Night in Pittsburgh!

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Good morning one and all,

Tonight we get out first look at the divisional foe and neighbors from the west. Is the Jackets big plan crumbling? [Jackets Cannon]

Drop and give me 10. Columbus Blue Jackets did lots of push-ups yesterday in practice as Torts went old-school. To quote Randy Moss, this is gonna be a fun ride. [Columbus Dispatch

Brandon Dubinsky sent the message to the refs in their last game, so we can expect to spend a lot of time on the PK. [SBN]

The Pens went shopping with some awesome kids in need of warm winter clothing. Project Bundle Up held its 9th annual shopping spree yesterday. [Penguins]

Maatta and Letang, please make it a thing. Anything will be a better thing than Cole and Letang. Pretty please with sugar on top. [Pens Inside Scoop]

Marc-Andre Fleury is carrying the Penguins and the man needs some help. And don't try to kill him while "helping". [CBS Sports]

The Magic Man is back. Pavel Datsyuk returns to the Red Wings lineup just as Kyle Quincey departs. [Detroit Free Press]

You know what? Several NHL captains are kind of dirty players. Shane Doan, Dustin Brown, so let's add Gabe Landeskog to that list. The rule is, if you can make people feel bad for Brad Marchand, you get a hearing. [ESPN]

Travis Yost writes about NHL goal tending and its distinct European flavor. Not sure I agree with it, because lots of teams have North American goalies both in the NHL and the AHL. At any rate, here it is. [TSN]

The Leafs are terrible, so can we just demote the whole team down to the AHL and bring up the Marlies, who are awesome? [Globe & Mail]

The latest edition of Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts is here. I wish he'd skipped the first two paragraphs because even if facetious (one hopes) it's still not helpful to throw these comments out there. [Sportsnet]

Jakub Voracek, Ryan Getzlaf, Nick Foligno, Tuukka Rask... gasp Sidney Crosby is not in NHL's top 100 in scoring!!! Which of these is a slump and which is a permanent decline? [Down Goes Brown]

For the end, everyone please read this and if you know any people who should be yelled at, please do. These are kids! We are not in the NHL! Even if we were, it's still not worth losing fingers and hands. Christ Almighty. [Sportsnet]