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Pens Points: Play Badly, Lose Games, Rinse, Repeat

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Good morning one and all,

The Pens had a weekend to forget and let's see what the week ahead will bring. Off we go with news and stuff.

He was injured during the Devils game and didn't return, so as the team will practice shortly we'll see how seriously banged up Hornqvist is. Keep your fingers crossed. [THW]

When even the New York Times deems it important enough to address, you know the Pens have hit the low point. To think I tried to talk a buddy into going to Newark, but thankfully he picked Army football instead. That was awful. [NYT]

Evgeni Malkin was never one to beat around the bush. Geno spoke the plain, hard truth, missing articles and all. There are a lot of troubling undertones here as I hear it. [Fox Sports]

Frustration with this team is obvious and in plain sight. What exactly are the issues and why are the Pens so listless and dysfunctional year in and year out? [TSN]

Dave Molinari points to attitude issues. I no longer know who's right and who's wrong, but it's an opinion worth considering. I can't say I understand why Letang decided to take 3 roughing penalties in one game. [PPG]

The Avs trade rumors are up the wazoo, so much so that Joe Sakic had to sit down and talk to Matt Duchene about his name being front and center of the trade chatter. [Sportsnet]

The Avs did beat up on the Habs 6-1 and Nate MacKinnon scored two goals 13 second apart. [Globe & Mail]

Well we don't need any more skilled forwards (though Duchene would be awesome with Sid), but boy do we need defense. If Tyson Barrie is available, should the Pens go after it? [Hockey Buzz]

The Leafs finally started playing something resembling decent hockey, but then Jonathan Bernier struck again. The goal he allowed from center ice was the worst thing since the last time he did it, not too long ago. If Mike Babcock's eyes could kill, there'd be no more Bernier. [The Leafs Nation]

Everybody wants more scoring and everybody has bright ideas on how to achieve that. Patrick Roy with the latest pearl: just make goal posts smaller. Okey-doke. [PHT]

That's all I got for ya. Put Letang in goal, Fluery on wing, whatever. Just do something.