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Watch: Evgeni Malkin scores a beauty against the Minnesota Wild

The season is still young, but it'll be difficult to top the highlight reel goal scored by Evgeni Malkin tonight against the Minnesota Wild.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Evgeni Malkin, ladies and gentlemen.

What a sweet goal displayed by Malkin, who has factored into all 4 goals the Penguins have scored in the first two periods against the Minnesota Wild. None were prettier than that though, blowing by poor Mikael Granlund.

Also a couple under-the-radar moments made this happen (or, really count, because this would have faded away if Malkin didn't finish it). First, defenseman Adam Clendening makes a great long pass up to Phil Kessel, who feeds Malkin with a pretty basic pass. David Perron isn't a part of the scoring play, but his drive to the net (bringing a defender with him) does a lot to block the view of goalie Devan Dubnyk, who was never able to pick up the short-side shot that Geno ripped at him.

Per Pens historian Bob Grove, this is Malkin's first 4 point game since March 2014 against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Malkin's career high is 5 points, which he has done a pretty remarkable 7 times in his career, but none since March 2012.