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Pens Points: St. Louis Game Day

Daily source of Pittsburgh Penguins and NHL news and stories.

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Good morning one and all,

After a 4-day layoff, the Pens finally play a game tonight against old friend Robert Bortuzzo and the St. Louis Blues. Here is your full game preview, with a reminder the Blues are the only NHL team Crosby doesn't have a goal against. [Fox Sports]

Ian Cole learned his lessons with the Blues, so is he ready to apply them against them? He has looked a world better paired with Adam Clendening, I'll grant him that. [PPG]

A fun Q&A with Adam Clendening. I loved the story on his most embarrassing hockey memory. [Penguins]

This made me feel nostalgic, only because I wish Chris Kunitz didn't have the mileage he has. He is that steady, not-flashy, super-decent car you wish you could drive for the rest of your life. [Trib]

Lots of good tidbits on the Pens: Matt Cullen's rotating wingers, Olli Maatta begins skating (giving a huge thanks for that one!), and more in the Penguins notebook. [PPG]

*A really good read by Seth Rorabaugh on how the new faceoff rule has affected Pens centers. Crosby and Bonino like it, Fehr and Cullen hate it, and Geno doesn't care, just play the game. [PPG]

The annual list of the highest-paid players in the NHL is out. As part of her math HW last night, my 9-year-old figured out that the Pens are on pace to pay Sidney Crosby $2.93M for each even-strength goal this season. A+ for her. [Forbes]

The NHL is losing perhaps its most capable executive in a long time, as COO John Collins has decided to move on to other career opportunities. The man who took the NHL outdoors and outside of its comfort zone will be hugely missed. [Sportsnet]

There were only two games on tap last night, and the first one was an old-time scoring bonanza between the Sens and the Stars, featuring 11 combined goals. [Silver Seven Sens]

Speaking of the Sens, wide-eyed rookie (in management that is) Daniel Alfredsson dishes on his new role as senior adviser for hockey operations. [ESPN]

The New Jersey Devils continue to be the early season's most pleasant surprise. We all thought they'd be terrible, and they are decidedly less terrible than some teams we thought would be awesome. /Clearing throat audibly [Inside Hockey]

*Are there any differences in player aging between more physical and less physical players, and are big deals for big hitters a good idea in general? I really enjoy reading pretty much everything on this site. [Hockey Graphs]

Elliotte Friedman's latest 30 Thoughts column is out and there are some interesting tidbits about how technology keeps changing the goalie game. [Sportsnet]

There are even more interesting insights in here, talking about the Blues and Habs eyeing the trade market, and whose game is on the upswing and who is trending down. [ESPN]

This didn't take very long. Ryan Johansen is on the trading block, so big props, high fives and way to go to Columbus Blue Jackets, this is how you alienate your best player. [TSN]

Stars defenseman John Klingberg was drawing all kinds of comparisons to countryman Erik Karlsson for his early-season play. Well, I watched that doozy last night and can we please not give him the Norris just yet? [Dallas Morning News]

*This interview and article made me both sad and angry. Former King and Oiler Patrick O'Sullivan talks about the challenges he faced in the NHL, including when he tried to get help for a mental health issue. [Jewels from the Crown]

NHL's waiver wire system needs to be revamped because its impact on player development is nothing but detrimental. One can't underscore this enough. Excellent article by Allan Muir. [Sports Illustrated]

*A 20-year history of the National Hockey League pretending to want to increase scoring. [Down Goes Brown]

Matt Duchene's ten goals in the month of November have tied Claude Lemieux's franchise record. He is red hot right now. [Denver Post]

The quarter of the season is over, so here are some "most" things about it. [THW]

***For the end, this is not a quick read but since most of us have a four-day holiday coming up, make sure you find the time to read the article that will certainly make any top-10 list of best sports articles of the decade. Arik Parnass hit one out the park, Jose Bautista-style. [The Cauldron]