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Fan For A Day

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Every year for the past seven years, I have been a big backer and supporter of the Movember movement. For those not familiar: Movember is a month-long campaign where men around the world grow mustaches to raise awareness for men’s health. It started out with prostate cancer awareness, and has since grown into awareness for mental and physical health: something that the men in our lives sometimes forget about.

It’s a charity that is very near and dear to my heart, and I’ve always tried to contribute in some way or another. The first few years, I simply canvassed to have people donate money to me – which was fine- but as I cannot grow a mustache, I felt like I was cheating people of their money.

So I have been trying to be creative.

A few years back, I offered my (not so great) Photoshop skills to those who donated money to my cause. Any donation would get a commission done by me.

This year, the lovely @RunsOnDuncan (on Twitter) has started a campaign where you can buy her fandom, and she will donate the money received to local charities. I thought this was an amazing idea, and with her blessing, I’ve been trying to sell my fandom on Twitter for the month of November. Basically: you give me and my Movember page some money? And I will go all in on your favourite team. This time around, I am a certified, bonafide Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

And you have Mike Darnay to thank for that. (So do I.)

Upon doing my research about the team this season, I see that people are genuinely terrified about what is happening to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Is it a justifiable terror? Possibly. The team has two players who are on pace for 20+ goals this season, AND Sidney ‘The God of Hockey’ (I just came up with that. I think it suits him, to be perfectly honest) Crosby is not having a good season. Pair it with the fact that there seems to be more injuries than normal – and yeah, you’re going to get a pretty uneasy fanbase.

BUT FEAR NOT, PENS FANS: there are always silver linings.

Like having me as a fan.

I’m a GREAT fan. Sure it’s only for a little time, but quality over quantity, right? And truth be told: 12-8-0 isn’t horrible. Put it this way: we could be the Leafs, you guys. We could be the Leafs.

And I – like many – dislike the St. Louis Blues. Any chance to cheer against the Blues is a good day in my books. You know, now that I’ve said this I am probably going to get a donation from a Blues fan.

That’s not to say I won’t not take money from a Blues fan.

You guys picked up one of my favourite hockey players of all time: Phil Kessel. I have always liked him (even when he was with the Leafs – it just pained me to see him there.), and in order to really immerse myself into the Pens fandom, I will be celebrating this game with a fantastic meal of hotdogs and poutine (the poutine is my idea don’t ruin my fun).

And if you think I’m kidding, you’re more than welcome to follow me on twitter to see the whole thing go down. This also includes my live-tweet of the game and my love for Phil Kessel.

A few years back, I traveled to Pittsburgh with my brothers’ hockey team for a tournament. We went and saw a game at the Consol Energy Center where we sat in a box and the boys were more interested in the food and the prospect of getting on the jumbotron, but I do remember that the fans were loud, and passionate – and seeing players like Malkin and Crosby play live was incredible. Sure, our team is going through a rough patch and nothing seems to be going our way AND the pain is real – but that doesn’t mean that this season can’t turn around.

I could go on a clichéd tirade about it, but I think you all know it’s true. I swear it on Beau Bennett’s glorious jawline.

So a big, big thank you to Pensburgh and Mike Darnay for helping me promote my Movember campaign! If you would like to donate and make me be a fan of your team for a few days, please feel free to donate here:

And for all those men out there: your health is important. Get yourselves checked regularly and end the stigma around men’s health!

Let’s go Pens!