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Pens Points: Fehr Looking Good After Offseason LCL Repair

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Good morning one and all,

Everything's gonna be late today because we're on west coast time. The Pens won as boring a 5-goal game you'll ever see as they penguined the Canucks. Turns out that's a thing. [Vancouver Sun]

*So, Eric Fehr is looking pretty good. This article has some good details about his injury and the procedure he underwent (lateral ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction), which is basically a modified Tommy John surgery. [Yahoo Sports Canada]

Connor McDavid underwent surgery for a fractured clavicle yesterday. The question is exactly how long he'll be out and what we can learn other similar injuries about his recovery. [Sportsnet]

After being hit up for 5 goals in the first period, the Blues capped off a stunning comeback to beat the Blackhawks in OT behind, who else, Vladimir Tarasenko. [The Score]

*A nice story on how James Reimer is pushing to be a different, better goaltender - and the NHL starter who inspired him. [Globe & Mail]

Four Nations Cup is underway in Sweden, and team USA and team Canada each won their first game, and face off against each other today. [CBC]

Mike Babcock thinks that goalies are too big so the nets need to be bigger too. [Sportsnet]

Erie Country DA has released a press statement confirming that Patrick Kane will not face criminal charges for a rape allegation in August. [USA Today]

The latest NHL power rankings are out - this time they combine the team's overall rank with a goaltending grade. [Sportsnet]