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Pens Points: San Jose Game Day

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Good morning one and all,

We have a late one tonight as the Pens visit the San Jose Sharks at 10:30 pm Eastern. The game will be televised on NBCSN and ROOT. Here is a game preview. [CBS Sports]

We are going to sail back in time to the glory days of 2010 and see Sidney Crosby flanked by his favorite guys Kuni and Duper again. [Penguins]

I'm sentimental about players I love, but that's probably not the smartest idea. Unless the Pens can come up with a time machine. [Hockey Buzz]

Olli is making progress and it's great to see him practice so soon after the bad-looking hit and a total scare I'm still not over. [Penguins]

Let's talk about the offside rule. I hate this rule. Hockey would be 1000% more fun if this rule didn't exist. [RMNB]

Ten worst contracts in the NHL and there are a couple former Penguins here. Hmmm. True, most of these are not great contracts. [SI]

Top ten RFAs who are about to get huge raises. Nate MacKinnon is going to make out like a bandit. [Dobber Hockey]

James Reimer is injured, Jonathan Bernier forgot how to hockey, so the Maple Leafs turned to Garret Sparks and it was some debut by the young American netminder, who did something no Toronto goalie ever did. [In Goal Magazine]

Care Price will now be out at least 6 weeks. We'll see more of Mike Condon, and also we'll see how god those Habs really are. [NHL]

*Here's a pretty excellent story of the best team in the AHL right now, your Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. Backended by a great duo in Matt Murray and Tristan Jarry and coached very competently by Mike Sullivan, they keep finding ways to win night in and night out, and sit with a stellar record of 16-2. []

For the end, a good story of acceptance and hockey. Maybe we really are making progress. Thanks to kikkerlaika for finding this. [Out Sports]