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Pens Points: Pens Fall to Caps, But Offload Scuderi

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Good morning one and all,

The Pens dropped one to the Capitals last night despite throwing a ton of rubber on Braden Holtby. Here are some recaps:

At least we don't have to deal with Rob Scuderi any more. He is off to the Blackhawks, and Trevor Daley comes to Pittsburgh. I thought it might be interesting to visit Second City Hockey for their impressions of Trevor Daley, from the initial trade up until today:

Beau Bennett will be out a little while. We still need to find out the exact nature of his injury but we are super sleuths and we think it's upper body! [PPG]

Ray Shero thinks Cory Schneider should be in the Hart voting mix. He's got the Devils overachieving tremendously. [NBC Sports]

If the season ended today not just the Devils but also the Oilers and the Yotes would be in the playoffs. Scrap everything you know. [Sportsnet]

We have a couple games against the Bruins next, in case you forgot they exist and they are still the Bruins and Patrice Bergeron is still awesome. [NESN]

The KHL is expanding to China, as they are to be joined by a Beijing-based team. [Globe & Mail]

For the end, let's talk about fourth lines and weighing intangibles. As always, a really good read. [AP Hockey]